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Love it...for the most part!

I love this app. The only reason I only gave it four stars was because once it snafu'd on me and the question was not in sync with the answer. Weird, but it hasn't happened since.

Typos and grammatical errors make it confusing

Good idea for an app but it's poorly constructed. Needs a native English speaker to proofread. Don't feel I should have paid for this one...


This app is great. I used it 2 study for my regents and I got a 95. And this was the only thing I used to study with.

Great Application.

My search is over. This is really great application.

Love it

Love it man , what a great job u have done. Very innovative way to do such boring things

Very Useful

Very useful application, with reasonable price.


Your application is very interesting. I love it, its funniest way to learn things an i can use it in while i am waiting for bus or in travailing.good utilization of time.

Not up to par with quality apps

Spell and grammar check needed. Questions repeat. Just not a great app. Could get better, though. Work on it.


Simple , easy, smart and Innovative app .

Good Teacher

Love the app wish there different apps for each topics. Nice way to learn science.

Super app

This is surprisingly good it really teach you scientific facts. I didn’t expect such good app for science study. Thank you


This app is different from others I’ve seen it has systematic topic wise questions it's really helps to focus on our weak areas. The progress meter and missed questions features are awesome over all Five star.

Useful app

The Science quiz pro seems good and really useful it has good question bank for all age groups it covers all major topic. The graphics are great and the interface is nice and super easy to use

Helpful and Fun

You get what u pay for it. This app is really cool Very good science learning app The Key features I liked are 1) All questions arranged in topics. 2) Progress Meter . 3) I can re-attempt my missed question. Thanks for such nice App


I learned so much from this. Very useful app

Love it

I am a science student and I found this app very helpful. I really like the topic wise questions and progress meter It really makes a difference .


Last month I had “C” in Science General knowledge test. And this helped me lot to know more about scientific facts. Now I got “A” thanks

Great App

I already recommended for my all friends. My 12-year-old son said “this is very cool app and the invention part is very interesting” thanks developer for a making such useful app.

Great science warmup

Fun and informative. Gets you in the right frame of mind right before any science class. Not just a good use of a buck, but more importantly, a good use of time in the minutes between classes or waiting on something in the lab. This is not "one and done," there's enough interesting stuff to do again and again. Good brain candy.

Great way to learn

Great app for science lovers. Excellent implementation. Perfect for students who wants to know science key facts. Keep it up the great work.

Very interesting

Played with my son, was a great fun and get some valuable information. Very nice and challenging questions. Yes we like this science quiz. Thanks for come with great application .

Awesome application at a great Price

This application is easy to use and the questions are very interesting. I also like the mixed test and progress meter. Overall a great buy!!

The worst science quiz I have ever seen.

The questions are poorly worded and the answers are ludicrous! If you want to learn about science, this will NOT help you. Truly shockingly bad.

Great App

My son downloads it and keeps telling me facts about science. Facts about inventions. Every day he learn some thing new, it’s a great and very innovative way to learn science.

Recommend to all students.

Really useful and help full to study science. I think this is best app to study science recommend to all students.


I really like this app, especially the simplicity of it. I think the progress meter makes it best app in this category. It is very interesting that we can see our progress in a particular subject and able to know our draw back. Also “Mixed Test” tests our knowledge in all subjects and helps us to make all rounder in all subject. Great app.

Cool and perfect for students

This app is very help full for me As a high school student I can say this is very easiest way to learn science, its easy to use and extremely help full, we can learn new thing whenever we get free time this app defiantly make u different from other students.

Awesome App

First many thanks for this app its very well build. The interface is pretty cool and its fast and simple too. Very innovative idea to learn difficult things so easily.

Thanks Developer

Actually I don’t like science and I didn’t pay much attention in my science class, I download this app because of I want some confidence before facing exam. This app is great its change my view towards science and its create a new interest for science. A new ray of hope. Thanks developer.

Very handy

This is great idea for students. This app is very useful especially the students have some fear about Science. Like me. Very useful. Thanks to come with great app.

Good Job

Fantastic app, very well organized topic wise question and interesting features like shake to skip, Hidden answers in question screen, very systematic result page with email functionality and Excellent Progress meter. Best way to study. This app is super.

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